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Antaresia pythons taxonomy

Snakes are grouped in the class reptilia with lizards, turtles, crocodiles and tuatara.

Snakes are quite different from these other species so they are grouped in the order squamata, which only includes their close relatives the lizards.



           Order Squamata

           Suborder Ophidia (Serpentes) - Snakes
              (Typhlopoidea (Scolecophidia), Henophidia (Boidea)
              Xenophidia (Colubroidea = Caenophidia))

           Infraorder Henophidia (Boidea)

           Family Boidae

                       Subfamily Boinae (Boas)

                       -  Acrantophis
                       -  Boa
                       -  Candoia
                       -  Corallus

                       Subfamily Erycinae (Sand Boas)

                       -  Calabaria
                       -  Charina
                       -  Eryx
                       -  Gongylophis

                       Subfamily Pythoninae (Pythons)

                       -  Aspidites
                       -  Antaresia

                             -  -  Antaresia childreni
                             -  -  Antaresia maculosa
                             -  -  Antaresia perthensis
                             -  -  Antaresia stimsoni

                       -  Apodora
                       -  Bothrochilus
                       -  Leiopython
                       -  Liasis
                       -  Morelia
                       -  Python

     Four species of the Antaresia group:

  1. Anthill Python - Antaresia perthensis
  2. Children's Python - Antaresia childreni
  3. Stimson's Python - Antaresia stimsoni
  4. Spotted Python - Antaresia maculosa

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All 2006 babies are sold! The next breeding season has started and my snakes are mating. Next year I will be expecting ball pythons, Irian Jaya carpet pythons, Dumeril's boas, blood pythons, Children's pythons, Kenyan sand boas, spotted pythons and perhaps some others. For availability, check me out often!

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