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Antaresia pythons buying and selling

Buying a snake is not as complicated issue as you would think. If you follow up on the few basic guidelines of how to successfully purchase a snake, you will end up with a very happy pet, and an equally happy owner!

First of all you have to read a lot about snakes. With the internet handy these days, it is not so difficult to research the species you are interested in. Don't jump on the sale ! When you see a nice snake at a petshop - give it some time. Ask the sales person what type of snake it is, get back home and do some net searching. Go to the libraries and book stores and read some snake manuals. I would suggest internet to be a very good quick source of information though - becoming a member of a club will give the opportunity to talk to experienced snake owners.

Some snakes grow to huge size - they should be avoided. For an average person, the pet snake should stay under 6 feet.

New snake owner should also make sure that they will have the proper cage setup ready before buying the snake. Don't worry - the snake that you will see at the petstore is not the last snake on earth ! Relax and take your time to make sure that all is perfect before making the purchace.

The snake should be in good health. They should have a good body weight, clear eyes, and be responsive (the tongue flicking actively). They should also glide through your hands, actively exploring the environment.

There are few good alternatives to buying a snake from a petstore. These include you local breeders (check your local reptile clubs for info) and reptile expos.

Make sure that the snake is well established before bujying it. It should have had at least 3 - 4 meals before being offered for sale.

One last thing - find a reliable food source for your new pet beforehand. It does not have to be your local petstore - there are many frozen rodent breeders and salers out there, they are the best source of your convenient and safe snake food.

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Available pet snakes   
 None at the moment

All 2006 babies are sold! The next breeding season has started and my snakes are mating. Next year I will be expecting ball pythons, Irian Jaya carpet pythons, Dumeril's boas, blood pythons, Children's pythons, Kenyan sand boas, spotted pythons and perhaps some others. For availability, check me out often!

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