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Antaresia pythons housing

Antaresia pythons are not difficult to keep. In fact, they are very hardy animals and quite easy to keep seccessfully in captivity.

Antaresia snakes live in rigid and diverse environments in Australia. They easily adopt to live in captivity. They are hardy and forgiving snakes - which does not mean that there should be less care taken when keeping them.

The basic setup is quite simple - same as for most commonly kept snakes (including colubrids).

They can be kept in naturalistic vivariums, with stones and branches, making them a pretty display animals. Saying this, they will equally lead long and happy lives kept in simple plastic storage containers, like Rubbermaid.

Below are photos of simple yet successful setups for keeping any of the Antaresia group pythons happy and healthy all their lives.

Babies and juveniles - a small Rubermaid container, with holes on the sides ( I use a soldering iron to make them)

Adults - kept in a rack system in larger Rubbermaid container. One hiding spot is ok, but I also use two - one on the cool and one on the hot side. I have noticed that most of the time my snakes stay on the cool side, and the female uses the hot side hide only when basking gravid.


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All 2006 babies are sold! The next breeding season has started and my snakes are mating. Next year I will be expecting ball pythons, Irian Jaya carpet pythons, Dumeril's boas, blood pythons, Children's pythons, Kenyan sand boas, spotted pythons and perhaps some others. For availability, check me out often!

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