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Antaresia pythons history

The origins of snakes is poorly known due to the fact that snake skeletons are typically small and fragile, making fossilization unlikely. It is generally agreed that snakes descended from lizard-like ancestors. Recent fossil evidence suggests that snakes directly evolved from burrowing lizards, either varanids or some other close group.

Snakes have transparent, fused eyelids and no external ears. Modern boas have vestigal hind limbs present. They are tiny, clawed digits known as anal spurs and used to grasp during mating.

All snakes are carnivorous. They eat small animals (lizards and other snakes, rodents and other small mammals, birds, eggs or insects). Some snakes have a venomous bite which they use to kill their prey before eating it. Other snakes kill their prey by constriction. They swallow their prey whole, dead or alive - they do not chew their food.

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All 2006 babies are sold! The next breeding season has started and my snakes are mating. Next year I will be expecting ball pythons, Irian Jaya carpet pythons, Dumeril's boas, blood pythons, Children's pythons, Kenyan sand boas, spotted pythons and perhaps some others. For availability, check me out often!

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