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Antaresia pythons - care basics

There is nothing out of extraordinary about keeping these pythons. They all fall into the easy to keep category. It does not mean that you can just neglect them - no animals should be taken for granted! These snakes are hardy, but they still require a basic 'all-done-right' setup to keep them happy and healthy. Keeping of any snakes requires setting proper environment and proper maintenance afterwards.

Proper environment means making sure that the snake will have:

  • a water bowl
  • hiding spot
  • proper substrate
  • proper temperature gradient
  • proper humidity
Regular feedings, usually once a week, will ensure the snakes growth and health. The size of the rodent should not ecceed the snakes girth, and smaller, growing snakes can take multiple smaller items.

The snakes will shed approximately once a month. It is recommended to mist the enclosure once a day - this will help the snake in shedding.

Antaresia pythons are in my opinion one of the easiest to keep snake species for a pet snake owner.

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All 2006 babies are sold! The next breeding season has started and my snakes are mating. Next year I will be expecting ball pythons, Irian Jaya carpet pythons, Dumeril's boas, blood pythons, Children's pythons, Kenyan sand boas, spotted pythons and perhaps some others. For availability, check me out often!

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