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Anthill Python (Antaresia perthensis)

Anthill python is the smallest python in the world. They frow to about only 24 inches. They are, like all the other Antaresia group members, Australian snakes. They are usually brick red with or without pattern and creamish underside. Like with all Antaresia pythons, the pattern is more visible in young specimen, and it fades as they grow older. Their heads are of triangular shape. Anthill pythons are confused sometimes with Stimsons pythons. They have fewer than 37 midbody scale rows and 250 or less ventrals, and more reddish in comparison to Stimson pythons coloration, which have usually a yellowish or brownish base color.

The Anthill pythons are from dry and rigit areas in Australia. They inhabit Pilbara region of northwest Western Australia, as well as adjacent areas of similar habitat.

They live up to 20 - 25 years. They lay eggs - 2 to 6 per clutch.

In captivity, they can be kept the same way as all the other members of the Antaresia family.

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